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    The following story was sent in by one of our customers, describing the gutter cleaning work done on his home. He also emailed in these pictures he'd taken while our team worked on his home.

    "First off, I just want to say thank you to you guys. For the past few years I'd been meaning to get my rain gutters cleaned and I kept putting it off until last year I realize the water had rotted out most of the wooden trimwork around my roof. After spending almost $4,000 to get it replaced I decided to be smarter this time around.

    I got the name of your company from a friend who'd used you to install their windows and so I called in and set up an appointment for a thorough gutter cleaning.

    When your team got here they were very friendly as I explained the situation and that I hadn't cleaned the gutters myself for fear of falling off of the roof trying. They told me they'd take care of it for me and started setting up their ladders. I asked if they minded if I took pictures, as I'm an amateur photographer, and they said they had no problem with it.

    I watched your team work and unclog years worth of dead leaves, branches, and storm debris in a matter of minutes. The way those guys scaled to the top of my multi-level home was amazing. They were very skilled and practiced at their jobs and before I knew it they were taking down their ladders and giving me a run-down on the project.

    Two days after they left it began to rain and as I left for work that morning I smiled at the water gushing down the drains and safely out to my lawn, a sight I hadn't seen in years.

    Thanks to you guys I don't have to worry about water destroying my home anymore or me falling off my roof. All I have to do is pick up the phone and I know your team will take care of it. I think our next project is going to be new windows to replace the drafty ones we have on the north side of the house so expect to hear from me about that very soon."

    Thanks again,

    Norman Herndon



Stopped up gutters can cause serious rain and water damage and this house needed serious attention.

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Our customer was pleased with the result. Water can flow freely now, saving the homeowner thousands in potential repair bills.
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